Dragon Age Inquisitions lack of healers

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Gaming News
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Dragon Age Inquistion

Dragon Age Inquistion

Over at Examiner.com, writing about Dragon Age and the upcoming title Inquisition. The PC gaming fans that are interested and thus became fans of the game, seemed to want to make it a bit difficult on the PR people over at BioWare. Since first knowing of the fact that Dragon Ages newest title will not include healing abilities. Suddenly it dawned on the community that they hadn’t a clue as to what that might mean for the franchise. In digging deeper and finding the original posts from BioWare’s forums, we can get a better sense as to what this might mean. Along with more detail.

Luke Kristjanson, BioWare’s Senior Writer, said: “Now in Inquisition, by reducing healing, by actually defining HP to a range that can have real numbers in it, we can better balance encounters. And no, players can’t rely on chaining potions.” This is a good thing as one can get rather tired of chugging potions every few minutes to keep alive, not to mention simply annoying. There also is the great added benefit of having battle values based on actual numbers as he points out.

In Inquisition the way a battle is won is more focused on the strategy you use, the group you have, the equipment you wear and the spell/skill rotation you execute. Being that as it is, this provides for a much more engaging battle environment and destroys the normal hack, slash and grind feel that Origins and Dragon Age II had. Potentially this could be a good thing and I applaud BioWare’s staff for wanting to switch things up and bring about a different mechanic to the game. As the same old same old in the industry can drive a gamer to switch to a different game all together.

With Kristjanson’s explanation detailed effectively it would seem that the community still didn’t understand just what was going to happen to their beloved game. On that note Patrick Weekes stepped up a week or so later and gave even more of an in depth perception to try and ease the worries of Dragon Age’s player base. Popcorn fights, what BioWare refers to as normal encounters, did not seem to consume more than a few potions per engagement, Weekes described. Going further he points out that during fights a group must use their spells, potions, skills and group as an active resource in becoming the victor. Spells such as Barrier and Guard.

Unsatisfactorily the community still prompted more questions, one referring to how the player will stand in higher levels of the game. To which Weekes answered eloquently, “True! At higher levels, you start running into enemies who clobber your Barrier and smash through your guard. Fortunately, much like our sister studio PopCap giving you the Wall-nut around the same time as it starts hitting you with the zombies who have the traffic cones on their heads, Dragon Age: Inquisition gives you a number of additional tools to use as you become more experienced and more comfortable with the game.”

While these new mechanics bring unknown areas to the game, we shall have to wait and see just how effective they become in the games progression. Certainly this is the first time this was attempted in the franchise, which foreseeably would bring about tensions amongst the community. Hopefully this new title is as good if not a lot better than its predecessors. Also keeping the hope alive that this new mechanic doesn’t entirely destroy the games reputation.

You can view the original article and the forum posts on Examiner.com, click here.


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