Korean e-sports not unlike Western e-sports

Posted: October 4, 2014 in e-Sports
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Yes your reading the title appropriately. I am spotlighting the Korean peoples affinity for online sports. More formally known as e-sports. While there may not be a die-hard fan club for the sport, there certainly are quite a few proponents.

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The Korean e-Sports Association, or KeSPA, was first formed in 2000 after being confirmed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports. Supporting a surprising 25 different video games, from League of Legends to Counter Strike. Putting their stake in as an official association, as of May of 2012 they joined the US based Major League Gaming organization.

With broadcasts on channels like Ongamenet, GOMtv and Pandora TV it would certainly seem online gaming is taken seriously by the South Korean people. Of course the majority of subscribers to this mentally involved precipice are the younger crowds making up the populous. Yet since the Korean Ministry is encouraging the use and play of video games, surely there are older generations of players.

Students spend their important free-time by enjoying and joining in on what they refer to as “PC Bangs.”  With the pseudo slang term, PC Bang, referring to an internet café. In these cafes the current most played game is League of Legends. While LoL is popular it seems that most players tend to think of themselves as casual gamers, as opposed to the minority of dedicated pro gamers and fanatic fan girls.

While e-sports does have a following and certainly is accepted by Korean society, the people do not necessarily condone choosing it as a stable career path. Being that there are some 50 million citizens and merely 12 teams along with just 80 pro players.  It would seem pro gaming is not the first choice for the average person. Although the low pro player count exists, Korean gamers are no different from Western gamers in the presumption, hoping that one day gaming will make its transcendence. Thereby gaining popularity and enjoying complete acceptance by modern society. Now that sounds like the “American Dream.”

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