Google tempts Spanish banking giant BBVA with cloud software

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Gaming/Tech in Politics
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Hot off the press a Spanish bank has officially begun to transfer over 110,000 employees to use Google’s cloud software.

“Spanish banking giant BBVA is switching its 110,000 staff to use Google’s range of enterprise software.” BBC News reported.

Cloud computing tends to be much more efficient, with firms like Amazon Web Services running their servers at more than 90% of capacity. That cuts cost and also helps the environment.

The biggest challenge for BBVA switching to cloud computing could be cultural issues. The bank says it has a training program in place – including personalized guides – to prepare their staff for the move from their tried and trusted email solution and other tools to the new browser-based online world.

A bigger worry will be whether BBVA’s computer network will be able to cope with the sharp rise in network traffic that cloud-computing solutions demand. A pilot with 7,000 staff had not seen any issues, but the bank would closely monitor for any increases in network load. “Our biggest worry is around video conferencing,” said BBVA’s director of innovation, Carmen Herranz.

Full story available on the BBC.

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