Left 4 Dead 2 PC review

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Game Review
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Left 4 Dead 2, the best zombie game to ever grace us with its presence, is the highly anticipated sequel to Left 4 Dead, developed by Valve, the number one co-operative game in 2008. Set in the zombie apocalypse you and your friends fight for survival in the Deep South, from Savannah to New Orleans across five expansive campaigns.

You start out by playing in nine different game modes with one of four survivors, Ellis, Rochelle, Nick or Coach. Each trying to temper their irrefutable differences to fight for one common goal, survival. Alongside the survivors comes a slew of weapons to engage in zombie debauchery. Throughout the campaign you find Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, bile bombs and various melee instruments to beat or butcher your foe into oblivion.

How about the real weapons – the guns. All weapons are divided into three tiers, Tier 1, Tier 2 and a Special Tier. First there are four shotguns; the pump shotgun and chrome shotgun which fall into Tier 1 weaponry and are best for thinning out the horde. The tactical shotgun and combat shotgun, Tier 2 weaponry, are automatic and are more powerful versions of the former.

Second there are sub-machine guns and rifles. For the SMGs there are only two – a silenced and unsuppressed version, which are best utilized in short range combat and require the player to sling a lot of lead. The rifles, which include the M-16, AK-47, Combat Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Hunting Rifle. These weapons are easy choices for those wishing to have the best of both worlds as far as range and firepower. Last are the Special Tier weapons which include the Grenade Launcher and M-60. Both of these weapons are designated as “special” because they are seldom found in campaigns and pack the largest punch.

There are numerous types of infected the player must adjust his or her strategy against. The common infected in the game are those that appear often and usually come in singles, sets or the dreaded horde. Along with the common infected are several special infected zombies that appear because the primary infection mutated their genetics in a “different” way. These special infected take the form of Boomer, Hunter, Spitter, Smoker, Tank, Charger, Witch and Jockey. Of the eight only seven are available to be played in certain multiplayer modes. Each of these special infected comes with special abilities for which to harass survivors with.

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