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From the makers of Rise of Immortals, Star Wars: Empire at War and Star Wars: Forces of Corruption. Petroglyph along with Trion Worlds brings you the new wave RTS that is sure to keep you coming back for more in the PC gaming realm.
Massive online battles – 24/7 – combined with teamwork, while fighting alongside fellow commanders in a truly epic scale. To define the role you’ll play in battle by designing the perfect strategy for any situation. This is End of Nations; this is war.
Sitting down with End of Nations Community Manager Lance James we get to the heart of the action, why in the world Trion would make End of Nations:
“End of Nations is the first major leap for the RTS genre in quite a while. Not only does it focus on a great core RTS game, but it delivers so much more than that.” James said, “On top of the already AAA quality RTS game, we have several MMO elements blending in with the gameplay that really shape out to make End of Nations really stand out from the crowd.”
Now the fun begins as James said, “On top of all that, our meta-game is taking all of that to the next level.” The buck doesn’t just stop there either, he went on to explain – “Now you aren’t just fighting random matches, but each match really means more to the players as they are literally fighting for control of the world. I’m excited first and foremost for the core game, but I’m eager to see how the players all interact to make the meta-game work and play out.” The way this is shaping up it is surely going to be a great adventure.
This next bit is will be interesting and shall show whether End of Nations will be a success or not. By how well they handle their game store. “Core to the design of any successful strategy game is that all players are on a level playing field.” Lance James said, “It will not be possible for players to buy their way to success, where the player with the most money will win. End of Nations favors strategy and skill.
To go a little further into what they are planning for the in-game store he said, “The in-game store will offer a wide selection of items, including customization and convenience items. We will not be selling pay-to-win items that give one player a significant gameplay advantage over another.” Also saying, “Most items in the store will be purchasable with either End of Nations Wealth (currency earned in-game by playing) or with Trion Credits (purchased currency).”
So far this is looking good, what else do you have Lance – “We are using an ELO based match-making system.” Talking about how multiplayer might turn out, “We will have leader boards that track players as they play the game. The leader boards will track a multitude of stats throughout a players career.”
Then there were none, when asked about what really separates End of Nations from others – “First End of Nations starts with an incredible core RTS experience with the all the heart-stopping action and compelling strategic gameplay you’ve come to expect of a AAA real-time strategy game.” James said, “Then we’ve added selected elements of modern massively multiplayer online games to expand and revolutionize the RTS genre: unparalleled epic scale, an ever-evolving set of missions in a massive persistent world where your actions influence the outcome of global conflict, and robust customization options.”
End of Nations is a free to play MMO-RTS that is still currently in its Beta stage and set to release sometime in 2012. With that being said, this RTS is going to be something to keep your eye out for – beam us up Scotty!

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